(Paul Pessagno)

   DJ PJ has been a Professional DJ for more than 13 years. DJ PJ took interest in the drums as a teenager and joined a few local bands that played a variety of genres. He realized at the gigs that music was needed between sets. At that moment he got the inspiration to purchase his first set of turntables and began mixing between sets. It wasn't until after serving three years in the United States Navy that he began his journey in the entertainment industry and started his own business.

   DJ PJ has extensive knowledge in music of all genres and the ability to adapt to any crowd. Music is  something that he has great passion for, as well as providing superior musical entertainment to his clients. His interactive and energizing personality will have all of your guests involved and keep the dance floor moving. He will be sure to have you and your guests leaving with memories to last a lifetime.

DJ Murray

(Christopher Murray)

   DJ Murray had a passion for music at an early age. He learned to DJ at age 15 and started performing for friends and family parties. In just a few years he was booking regular events and began DJing weddings and formal events. He studied Mass Communication in college where he honed his audio and video skills as well as public speaking. In 2006, DJ Murray began working for a professional DJ company where he gained a tremendous amount of experience at a high level. In 2008, he formed his own company which became very successful. 

   DJ Murray is sure to get your guests dancing with his interactive style and ability to read the crowd. He understands that his clients' events need to be tailored to their desire and therefor, he spends a lot of time preparing for each event.

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DJ Pete

(Peter Burchenson)

   DJ Pete has been a DJ for more than 10 years. He grew up in the DJ culture of the Jamaica and New York party scene and continued his mixing and MCing skills while serving in the the Marine Corps. Starting with small events in the barracks and private homes, DJ Pete transitioned to playing larger gigs in the base clubs and larger unit functions. Eventually, he took his DJing skills to the air waves, serving as a DJ for Big Chunez [tunes] Radio (BCR) from February 2008 until March 2010.
   During his time with BCR, DJ Pete became one of the station's best DJs, renowned for his "Easy Like Sunday Morning" show, where he had a very large and loyal audience. Since then, he has played numerous events from Florida to New York.
   DJ Pete is well versed in many music genres, and enjoys fusing and mixing different genres to give the crowd a different flavor. It's not uncommon to find him mixing R&B with Country, Rock, and Reggae. He takes pride in keeping the dance floor energized and moving, all while interacting with his audience. DJ Pete looks forward to rocking your next event, making it memorable for all.

DJ Dan

(Dan Trencher)

   DJ Dan has been a deejay for over 18 years in the Washington D.C. metro area. Starting out in college at American University, DJ Dan quickly got hired at local restaurants and nightclubs, gaining residencies, (weekly gigs) at many of DC's premiere night life establishments including; Insomnia, Fur Night Club, 1223 and Platinum Club.  During this time, he developed his passion and talent for blending music and keeping the dance floor packed all night. 

   As his career has evolved, DJ Dan began focusing on weddings and corporate events. This transition has provided him with a unique set of skills, with a foundation of mixing nonstop blended music with a freshly developed talent as an emcee.  Now one of his favorite things is using his experience and music knowledge to help customize each client’s event. 

   Coming from a dance club background, DJ Dan is sure to get people on their feet and moving at your event.  His passion for music and people is evident in each reception.  Dj Dan has also worked in music production, creating his own mashups and party breaks for his clients and other DJ’s.  DJ Dan is always excited to bring his unique experience and music knowledge to every event.

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